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April 27, 2013
by Jeremy Fox
Deal wins thrilling Stock Car feature at Hamilton County Speedway
WEBSTER CITY, Iowa -- A new season with a new promoter in charge at the historic half mile, the fans would be treated to a fantastic night of racing with some other wonderful added entertainment during intermission.

Alan Van Gorp jumped into the early lead in the Stock Car feature looked to pulling away until 3rd row outside starter Lance Deal worked  his way up to the second spot and set his sights on chasing Van Gorp. Deal did exactly that on lap 12. Deal tried to get by Van Gorp but  couldn’t complete the pass until the last lap. Van Gorp and Deal raced side by side all the way around the race and coming off turn 4 would be side by side that is how they came across the line but it was Deal grabbing the win by his front bumper over Van Gorp. Ninth place starter Mark Elliott worked his way up to finish third, John Campbell came home in fourth and Steve Meyer was fifth.

In the IMCA Sport Compacts feature it was Adam Strunk grab the lead early but Dustin Haggard took the lead away on lap 3. Haggard’s lead was short lived as he experience some troubles which allow Strunk to get by again. Strunk would lead the remaining laps to take the win over Danny Sassman Jr., Shawn Cooney, Jason Clark and Sarah Totten.

Ty Griffith grabbed the early lead in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature but just after the completion of lap 1, the caution would come out when Eric Larson rolled his car on the front stretch. After the mess was cleaned up, Griffith started to pull away until he encountered lap traffic which allowed Cory Gansen, Cody Nielsen, Craig and Curt Graham but he was able to hold them off to take the win. Gansen took second, Nielsen was 3rd, Craig Graham was 4th and Curt Graham was 5th.

Bob Sutherland won the pole in a game of musical chairs and he would take full advantage of it as he lead the first six laps. A caution came on lap 6 and that meant on the restart, Sutherland had 9th place starter Matt Lettow on his back bumper and this would be a race. Lettow had the lead at the line on lap 7 before Sutherland grabbed it back on lap 8. Lettow finally completed the pass on lap 9 to take the lead. The things that slowed Lettow was a caution on lap 12 for debris and then on lap 13 when 2nd and 3rd place drivers at the time, Sutherland and Andy Tiernan would get together. Lettow took the win over Matt Webb, Joel Rust, Chase Ellingson and Coty Albers.

Jay Noteboom lead from start to finish in the IMCA Modifieds feature and the only thing that slowed him was the 2 race cautions. Greg Elliott worked his way up to finish 2nd, Jon Snyder started 15th and finish 3rd. Mark Elliott started 10th in feature and came home 4th and Scott Olson was 5th.

In the IMCA Late Models feature it was Darrel DeFrance starting right where he left off the night before, where he won in Des Moines. DeFrance had a full straightway lead at one point in time before lap traffic slowed him just a bit that allowed Chad Cooney to chase him down late but it was the Veteran DeFrance taking the win, his 2nd of the weekend. Chad Cooney, Jason Hahne, Todd Cooney and Craig Jacobs rounded out the top 5.

The racing season will continue next Saturday Night at Historic Half Mile and race through August every Saturday Night. 

Hamilton County Speedway Results
April 27th, 2013

IMCA Late Models

Feature: 1. 99D Darrel DeFrance (Marshalltown); 2. 31 Chad Cooney (Des Moines); 3. 76 Jason Hahne (Webster City); 4. 30 Todd Cooney (Des Moines); 5. 95 Craig Jacobs (Des Moines); 6. X Ryan Griffiths (Webster City); 7. 15C Curt Schroeder (Ames); 8. 29 Nick Pedersen (Rutland); 9. 23 Paul Conrad (Cob); 10. 8 Al Johnson (Story City).

Heat : 1. C. Cooney; 2. T. Cooney; 3. DeFrance; 4. Hahne; 5. Jacobs; 6. Schroeder; 7. Griffiths; 8. Pedersen; 9. Conrad; 10. Johnson.

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. 7N Jay Noteboom (Hinton); 2. 47 Greg Elliott (Webster City); 3. 69X Jon Snyder (Ames); 4. 15 Mark Elliott (Webster City); 5. 8X Scott Olson (Blairsburg); 6. 505 Racer Hulin (Laurel); 7. 75 Clint Wendel (Mason City); 8. 2Z Zack Rawlins (Kellogg); 9. 64 Scott Williams (Steamboat Rock); 10. 1M Brett Meyer (Lytton); 11. 77 Josh Foster (Newton); 12. 1 Al Wolfgram (Boone); 13. 15M Shane DeMay (Denison); 14. 5D Devon Havlik (Iowa Falls); 15. 14 Derek Oberle (Evansdale).

Heat 1: 1. Wendel; 2. DeMay; 3. Noteboom; 4. G. Elliott; 5. Wolfgram; 6. Williams; 7. Rawlins.

Heat 2: 1. M. Elliott; 2. Meyer; 3. Olson; 4. Foster; 5. Hulin; 6. Havlik; 7. Oberle.

Stock Cars

Feature: 1. 22X Lance Deal (Fort Dodge); 2. 19A Alan Van Gorp (Des Moines); 3. 15 Mark Elliott (Webster City); 4. 7J John Campbell (Belmond); 5. 94 Steve Meyer (Grundy Center); 6. 12K Eric Knutson (Slater); 7. 21T Travis Prochaska (Iowa Falls); 8. 71M Chris Meyer (Silver Lake, MN); 9. 97 Adam Silvey (Iowa Falls); 10. M5 Jim Mitchell (Webster City); 11. 59L Vince Loewen (Hubard); 12. 20 Shane Curry (LuVerne); 13. 556 Terry Corneilson (Boone); 14. 37E Jason Van Sickel (Webster City); 15. R31 Ryan Leeman (Roland); 16. 46 Cody Frerichs (Bristow).

Heat 1: 1. Knutson; 2. Campbell; 3. Deal; 4. Van Sickel; 5.Loewen; 6. Prochaska; 7. Mitchell; 8. Corneilson.

Heat 2: 1. Elliott; 2. Van Gorp; 3. C. Meyer; 4. S. Meyer; 5. Silvey; 6. Frerichs; 7. Curry; 8. Leeman.

IMCA SportMods

Feature: 1. 21 Matt Lettow (Roland); 2. 51X Matt Webb (Des Moines); 3. 26J Joel Rust (Grundy Center); 4. 14E Chase Ellingson (Williams); 5. 02A Coty Albers (Wellsburg); 6. 99 Rocky Caudle (Ellsworth); 7. 64 Brandon Leeman (Roland); 8. 23K Ben Kates (Tonganoxie, KS); 9. 2 Jerid Ratzke (Williams); 10. 85T Brandon Toftee (Webster City); 11. 22 Joey Lium (Burt); 12. 22A Shawn Albers (Wellsburg); 13. 20 Gerald Curry (LuVerne); 14. 2C Levi Carlberg (Iowa Falls); 15. 63R Rick Fasse (Urbandale); 16. 48 John Albrecht (Glencoe, MN); 17. 100 Chris Teel (Webster City); 18. 4ord Bob Sutherland (Blairsburg); 19. 321 Andy Tiernan (Woodward); 20. 11 Paul Price (Iowa Falls); 21. 22P Victor Palmateer (Ackley); 22. 66 Levi Chipp (Latimer); 23. 31 Tim Judd (Wall Lake); 24. J7B Jon Braathun (Story City); 25. 49 Nate Whitehurst (Mason City).

Heat 1: 1. Caudle; 2. Lettow; 3. Leeman; 4. C. Albers; 5. Chipp; 6. Palmateer; 7. Teel; 8. Judd; 9. Whitehurst.

Heat 2: 1. Kates; 2. Ellingson; 3. Rust; 4. S. Albers; 5. Carlberg; 6. Lium; 7. Curry; 8. Braathun.

Heat 3: 1. Ratzke; 2. Tiernan; 3. Sutherland; 4. Webb; 5. Price; 6. Fasse; 7. Albrecht; 8. Toftee.

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature: 1. 56 Ty Griffith (Webster City); 2. 6 Cory Gansen (Clear Lake); 3. 29N Cody Nielsen (Fort Dodge); 4. 13G Craig Graham (Webster City); 5. 14G Curt Graham (Tiffin); 6. 8R Cory Roe (Webster City); 7. 25M Matt Mundt (Callender); 8. 40 Randy Embrey (Granger); 9. 71M Jeremy Morris (Clare); 10. 20N Justin Nehring (Storm Lake); 11. 58 Matt Ring (Dows); 12. 4D Daniel Ayers (Webster City); 13. 24R Roger Haupt (Clarion); 14. 22S Jesse Totten (Schleswig); 15. 11K Jason Kroeger (Manilla); 16. 7K Ruben Stansbrough (Aredale); 17. 51 Matt Bonin (Iowa Falls); 18. 22N Nathan Palmateer (Ackley); 19. 21 Myles Michehl (Fort Dodge); 20. 28P Anthony Breiholz (Vincent); 21. ZER0 Pete McWherter (Jewell); 22. 20E Eric Larson (Holland).

Heat 1: 1. Larson; 2. Bonin; 3. Morris; 4. Mundt; 5. Haupt; 6. Totten; 7. Breiholz; 8. Kroeger.

Heat 2: 1. Embrey; 2. Nehring; 3. Nielsen; 4. Curt Graham; 5. McWherter; 6. Ayers; 7. Stansbrough.

Heat 3: 1. Craig Graham; 2. Griffith; 3. Michehl; 4. Gansen; 5. Roe; 6. Ring; 7. Palmateer.

IMCA Sport Compacts

Feature: 1. 85S Adam Strunk (Webster City); 2. 10 Danny Sassman Jr. (Fort Dodge); 3. 30 Shawn Cooney (Des Moines); 4. 22B Jason Clark (Humboldt); 5. 74 Sarah Totten (Schleswig); 6. 37 Dustin Haggard (Humboldt).

Heat: 1. Haggard; 2. Strunk; 3. Cooney; 4. Sassman Jr.; 5. Clark; 6. Totten.
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